OPENING SEMINAR Speaker : Drs. Philipus J. Patty, M.Sc., Ph.D Venue:  Ruang MM Lt.3 Gd. Bioteknologi Time: 11.00 am The Biological Significance of Plasma Membrane Physical Properties Abstract Plasma membrane can be considered as a protector surrounding materials inside a biology cell from the outsiders. The backbone of the plasma membrane is a lipid bilayer. […]

Call for Papers: 3rd International Seminar Science and Technology (6th April 2017)

3rd International Seminar of the 19th Birthday of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) which will be held on 6th April 2017 at Pattimura University, Ambon, Maluku, Indonesia. The Aim The Aim of this 3rd International seminar is to develop Maluku as the Indonesia marine center especially related to the development of science and […]

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